Sirtfood Diet And Exercise

Sirtfood Diet

Combining Exercise With The Sirtfood Diet

With 52% of Americans confessing that they find it easier to do their taxes than to understand how to eat healthily, it’s vital to introduce a form of eating that becomes a way of life rather than a one-off fad diet. For some of us, it may not be that difficult to lose weight or retain a healthy weight, but the Sirtfood diet can help those who are struggling. But what about combining the Sirtfood diet with exercise, is it advisable to avoid exercise completely or introduce it once you have started the diet?

The SirtDiet Principles

With an estimated 650 million obese adults globally, it’s important to find healthy eating and exercise regimes that are doable, doesn’t deprive you of everything you enjoy, and don’t require you to exercise all week. The Sirtfood diet does just that. The idea is that certain foods will activate the ‘skinny gene’ pathways which are usually activated by fasting and exercise. The good news is that certain food and drink, including dark chocolate and red wine, contain chemicals called polyphenols that activate the genes that mimic the effects of exercise and fasting.

Exercise during the first few weeks

During the first week or two of the diet where your calorie intake is reduced, it would be sensible to stop or reduce exercise while your body adapts to fewer calories. Listen to your body and if you feel fatigued or have less energy than usual, don’t work out. Instead ensure that you remain focused on the principles that apply to a healthy lifestyle such as including adequate daily levels of fiber, protein, and fruit and vegetables.

Once the diet becomes a way of life

When you do exercise it’s important to consume protein ideally an hour after your workout. Protein repairs muscles after exercise reduce soreness and can aid recovery. There are a variety of recipes that include protein which will be perfect for post-exercise consumption, such as the sirt chili con carne or the turmeric chicken and kale salad. If you want something lighter you could try the sirt blueberry smoothie and add some protein powder for added benefit. The type of fitness you do will be down to you, but workouts at home will allow you to choose when to exercise, and the types of exercises that suit you and are short and convenient.

The Sirtfood diet is a great way to change your eating habits, lose weight and feel healthier. The initial few weeks may challenge you but it’s important to check which foods are best to eat and which delicious recipes suit you.

Be kind to yourself in the first few weeks while your body adapts and take exercise easy if you choose to do it at all. If you are already someone who does moderate or intense exercise then it may be that you can carry on as normal, or manage your fitness in accordance with the change in diet. As with any diet and exercise changes, it’s all about the individual and how far you can push yourself.

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