The Sirtfood diet has been formulated to last for three weeks, although the principles of the diet can be applied long-term to help with maintenance. How do you start the Sirtfood diet?

First Phase (Days 1–3):

  • Limit calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day during the first three days of the diet
  • Drink three glasses of sirtfood green juice each day
  • Eat one sirtfood rich meal per day
  • 15-20g dark chocolate(85% cocoa) is permitted

First Phase (Days 4–7):

  • Limit calorie intake to 1,500 calories a day (500 more calories than during the first three days) on days 4–7
  • Drink two sirtfood green juices per day
  • Eat two sirtfood-rich meals per day
  • 15-20g dark chocolate(85% cocoa) is permitted

Second Phase (Lasts Two Weeks):

  • There isn’t a strict long-term plan once you finish the first week. You’re encouraged to eat three balanced meals and to continue drinking sirtfood juice.
  • To maintain your results, it’s recommended that you still include lots of sirtfoods in your diet, while sticking to mostly balanced, plant-based meals. This plan can actually be continued indefinitely, as long as you eat enough calories to support your needs.

What are some examples of balanced meals that include sirtfood-rich foods?

  • Cooked buckwheat muesli with berries and walnuts
  • Stir-fry made with whole grains, veggies, turmeric and tofu
  • Kale salad made with chicken and veggies like tomatoes and onions, dressed with olive oil and herbs
  • Sirtfood snacks can include a bit of dark chocolate, dried fruits or berries, “energy bites,” greek yogurt, or raw veggies dipped in hummus