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 Be Kind To Yourself-Sirtfood Diet Tips

If you’re craving something sweet, you can eat two squares (15-20g) of dark chocolate, containing at least 85 per cent cocoa, each day. And though you’ll have to miss out in the first week, during phase two you can drink a small glass of red wine with two or three meals a week.

What To Drink-Sirtfood Diet Tips

Throughout phase one, you can drink as much liquid as you like – as long as it’s non-calorific like plain water, green tea and black coffee. A dash of milk with tea or coffee is ok. For a sirtfood addition, try including strawberries, mint, basil or lemon to water.
Tip: adding some lemon juice to green tea means you’ll ingest more sirtuin-activating nutrients and burn even more fat.

Meal Ideas-Sirtfood Diet Tips

For breakfast, try soya yoghurt with mixed berries, chopped walnuts and dark chocolate, or for something savoury, an omelette packed with bacon, red chicory and parsley.
The sirtfood salad is great for lunch – but if you’re craving some carbs, a wholemeal pitta stuffed with turkey, cheese or hummus is healthy and filling.
Dinnertime doesn’t have to be dull, either: stir-friend prawns with kale and buckwheat noodles is a tasty evening meal. And, believe it or not, pizza is still on the menu if it’s made the sirtfood way.

There are further meal ideas to be found here.

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