How to Tell if Your Sushi Is Fresh or Not?


Nothing is worse than a bad batch of sushi. You know what we mean if you’ve had the misfortune to suffer from this.

When choosing a sushi restaurant, the freshest ingredients should be at the top of your list. It can be difficult to determine if the sushi you are eating is fresh, especially if you’re a first-timer. There are some simple tips and tricks that will help you tell the difference between fresh and not-so-fresh.

Here Are Three Easy Ways to Determine if the Sushi You’re Eating Is Fresh.

Smell Your Sushi

Fresh sushi has a distinct smell. No matter what you think, sushi should not smell fishy. Hidekazu Tojo is a world-renowned chef of sushi. According to a good restaurant, it should smell of cucumber or watermelon.

Sushi made with fish of high quality that has been flash frozen and stored properly will not smell like fish. When you receive your sushi roll, if you smell fishy, likely, it is not fresh.

Check the Appearance

Your sushi’s appearance can be an indicator of its quality. Fresh fish should be bright, shiny, and translucent. Even though frozen fish is used by most sushi restaurants, it still has a ‘preserved’ freshness. Frozen fish is uniform in color, and does not have any discoloration or blotches. Avoid fish with a milky coating or dull color.

Crisp Nori is a sign that your sushi was not left out for too long. Mushy nori indicates that the sushi is too old and has absorbed moisture from the rice.

Get Handsy

Touching your sushi will also help you determine its freshness. Your sushi fish should be flexible but firm. Press the fish gently with the tip of your index fingers. If your finger leaves an indentation on the fish, it is not likely to be fresh. You’ll become a pro in spotting bad sushi restaurants once you master this trick.

Freshness is important for both your health and your enjoyment of sushi. If you eat bad sushi, you may experience stomach pains, food poisoning and even parasites. These illnesses are more common in children, so it is important to learn some sushi safety guidelines for parents. This will help keep both you and your child safe. These simple tips and tricks will ensure that your sushi stays fresh and is safe.

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