Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea

Like it or loathe it drinking green tea is an essential and core part of the SirtFood diet.

If you’re already a convert to green tea, then congratulations you’ll already be reaping the benefits of the extraordinary sirtuins found in green tea. You’ll find weight loss comes more easily, together with a revitalized spirit and glowing skin.

Why is drinking green tea so vital?

Green tea is the only source of one of the most powerful sirtuin bioactive, catechin. Catechins are so potent that only a small quantity, one small cup, triggers fat metabolism and reduces oxidative stress.

• Appetite suppressant

With a cup or two of green tea inside you. you really notice the difference in terms of hunger pangs. You should find that you don’t think about food between meals.

• A little bit of caffeine

A cup of green tea contains about a quarter of the caffeine you’d find in a cup of coffee or half the caffeine you’d find in a cup of black tea. This caffeine is just enough to combine with the catechins to have an even more powerful fat-burning effect. This is the optimum way to convert fat to muscle.

• More energy

Hard to measure but definitely there, the catechins give you a little natural buzz that makes starting the day a little easier.

• Cumulative effect

The power of green tea keeps on giving and two cups of green tea is better than one cup, three cups are better than two cups. In fact, you can get up to four of your SIRT 5 a day from drinking green tea if you have four or more cups.

• Zero calorie

Green tea is naturally calorie-free. It doesn’t need sugar or sweetener and gives you energy without calories.

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