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Are you worried that you are not getting enough SIRTs into your diet? Perhaps you have a passionate dislike for kale? Don’t worry, there are many different ways to get your daily SIRT requirements. So if there is a food or two you want to avoid, then just steer clear, there are many other options. Have a look through this guide and see what your favorites are.

Think about your green vegetables -ideally one to two portions daily. If you don’t like the stronger-tasting leafy greens, then perhaps plainer broccoli or cauliflower? You only need a handful of parsley (10g) and it has a mild, unobtrusive taste. You could buy a growing pot of parsley from the supermarket and add a portion to your main meal or a salad.

Olive oil and olives – at least one portion a day. Olive oil is such a versatile oil that it can be used in virtually all your cooking. Use extra virgin olive oil in salads and a light and mild version for frying when you don’t want an olive oil flavor.

Onions and apples – at least one portion a day. Raw red onion is great in salads or salsa. Many a main dish starts with lightly sauteed onions. And what could be easier than grabbing an apple as a mid-afternoon snack?

Resveratrol: red wine, red grapes, chocolate – at least two portions a day.

Turmeric – at least two portions a week. You only need 1/2 tsp to get a portion of SIRTs from turmeric. Easy to add to Indian and North African dishes.

Oily fish – at least two portions a week. Salmon, trout, and mackerel all count. Salmon is especially versatile and very quick to cook. Or try a nice breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

With all these normal everyday foods, it is very easy to increase the number of SIRTs you eat each day. A few wise decisions will pay huge dividends.

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