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This article has been kindly contributed by a follower and noted freelance health food writer, Jenni D.

Age Gracefully With The Sirtfood Diet

Working out and keeping fit well into older years is becoming increasingly popular. The benefits are amazing, increasing health and mobility for years ahead. In addition, once retired from work, or perhaps have reduced your working hours in the approach to retirement, there is much more time available for fitness pursuits. Be sure to take care of your fitness in the advancing years alongside following healthy diet choices and recipes typically based on a Sirtfood Diet which focuses on plant-based food. This way you can enjoy a far greater quality of senior life.

Mature diet choices for vitality

A diet to benefit mature adults should be focused on foods high in antioxidants which tend to cause a reduction in unhealthy weight gain as well as provide protection against disease. The Sirtfood Diet is considered a good choice as it consists of plant-based foods rich in polyphenols, being micronutrients made up of antioxidants. Polyphenols are known to boost metabolism, lift mood and promote youthfulness. Examples of foods high in polyphenols are dark chocolate, kale, and coffee. Polyphenols are also thought to provide some protection from diseases such as cancer due to their high level of antioxidants.

Toned tummies for seniors too

Many older people become concerned about a redistribution of fat e.g. fat settling on the abdominal area. Abdominal fat is a dangerous type of fat for both men and women and can cause serious health issues such as an increase in the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease. So, take action by adapting your diet and workout regime to flatten out that tummy!

Flat belly exercise and diet routine

Specific belly-targeted exercises such as reverse crunches together with a whole-of-body exercise routine and active lifestyle will give you an attractively toned tummy once again, especially if you include a healthy diet adapted for seniors such as the Sirtfood Diet. Focusing on mainly plant-based foods is beneficial as fewer calories are required than in younger years due to minor metabolic changes associated with normal ageing. By eating these types of nutritious, but less carbohydrate-rich, foods and carrying out the targeted exercises, you can achieve a flat, toned abdominal area. It is also advisable to consume specific types of probiotics which reduce belly fat by aiding digestion.

Minor adaptations for senior fitness activities

Include some weight resistance training as it supports muscle mass, but always repeat repetitions rather than increase the weight when trying to up the intensity of the workout. This type of exercise helps to keep the bones strong reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis. High-impact activities are riskier for older adults due to joints, such as hips and knees, becoming more prone to stress injury. Therefore, depending on how old the adult is, there will be a time when high-impact exercise should be replaced with low impact e.g. replacing running with cycling.

The new you, fit to enjoy older age

By following an exercise routine into older age, alongside focusing on a diet of plant-based foods, benefits can be reaped beyond your physical well-being to include an enhanced sense of mental well-being. Your improved happy mindset can even radiate positivity to family and friends in your life! There really is no better way to achieve more and enjoy more in your senior years.

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