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Walnuts, one of the top 20 Sirtfoods actually help you shed weight according to a new study.

Eating too many nuts is often noted as one of the mistakes people make that stop them losing weight. However, a new study suggests that walnuts may actually help you shed fat.

The study’s lead scientist, Dr. Cheryl Rock of the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine compared various diets and was surprised to find, ‘that even though walnuts are higher in fat and calories, the walnut-rich diet was associated with the same degree of weight loss as a lower fat diet.’

The research looked at 245 overweight women giving them one of three diets: A lower fat and higher carb diet, a lower carb and higher fat diet, and finally a walnut-rich, higher fat, and lower carb diet.

Not only did the walnut-rich group see good weight loss, but they also saw a decrease in bad cholesterol and an increase in the good stuff!

Dr. Rock also explained: ‘In addition to these findings, we hope to explore the effect of walnuts on satiety, as we believe satiety is a critical factor for maintaining weight loss.’

The Benefits Of Walnuts

Walnuts are naturally low in sugars, and sodium, and packed with nutrients: healthy fats (plant omega-3 ALA), protein, fiber, antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals – folate, thiamin, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and copper.

Enjoying a handful of nuts (35g) as part of a healthy diet every day will contribute:

  • Protein – needed for the growth and repair of tissues such as bones, muscles, and skin as well as being a plant protein source for vegetarians
  • Fiber – keeping you regular and helping control appetite
  • Plant omega 3s called Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA) – just four or five walnuts a day can provide 100 percent of daily adult ALA needs
  • Antioxidants – which protect cells against free radical damage (polyphenols, copper, manganese)
  • Nutrients for energy production – thiamin, copper, manganese, magnesium
  • Nutrients for brain and neurological function – magnesium, copper, folate, thiamin
  • Folate – is needed during pregnancy and for blood formation
  • Arginine an amino acid and polyphenol antioxidants – both help keep blood vessels elastic.

A healthy diet low in sodium, but with a variety of foods such as walnuts, can help reduce blood pressure and contribute to heart health.

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