Try Sirtfoods Just To Start

Try Sirtfoods

You may be reluctant to jump right in with the Sirtfood Diet. You can just try sirtfoods as a sampling process to start with and gradually ease into the plan.

The benefits of a Sirtfood diet can be observed by looking at communities around the world who already adopt diets rich in Sirtfoods. On the San Blas islands of Panama, live the Kuna American Indians. Amongst these indigenous people there are incredibly low rates of cancer, diabetes and obesity. There’s also a very low incidence of high blood pressure, and early death. And the Kuna’s secret to their blessed existence? A diet high in the Sirtfood cocoa. Similarly, India, which has significantly lower cancer rates to Western populations, have a diet rich in the Sirtfood Turmeric and Japan, whose inhabitants consume high levels of the Sirtfood green tea boast one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular and lung cancer in the world.

If you’re keen to try Sirtfoods then here are some simple ways that you can introduce  Sirtfoods into your diet:

  • Parsley is high in sirtuin-activating nutrients Apigenin and Myricetin but it’s often dismissed as a slightly old-fashioned garnish. Promote this herb to the status it deserves by adding leaves of flat-leaf parsley to a herby green salad, new potatoes or a green juice.
  • Give your tea a Sirt-over. Swap your usual brew for Matcha green tea. Matcha differs from regular green tea in that it is mostly grown in the shade (regular green tea is grown in sunlight) and is finely ground so it can be dissolved in water and drunk (rather than simply infusing the water). Matcha tea is a great source of the sirt-activating compound EGCG.
  • Berries – especially strawberries – are high in sirtuin-activating nutrients. Throw some of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries into your smoothie maker, or use the sweet red fruit as a filling for Sirtfood friendly buckwheat pancakes.
  • Replace your usual salad dressing with extra virgin olive oil. The ‘extra virgin’ part is important- it’s unrefined and richer in sirtuin stimulating nutrients Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol than other varieties.
  • Dark Chocolate. Studies have shown that cocoa could have links to cardiovascular disease, and dark chocolate is better for you than other types because it generally lower in sugar and fat. But remember that eating too much can contribute to weight gain, which is risky in itself.
  • Apples. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away… As well as being classed as a Sirtfood, studies have shown that the fruit helps lower cholesterol, and is a good source of fibre – meaning it keeps you fuller for longer, the Huffington Post reported.

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