Sirtfood diet review

Is the Sirtfood Diet sustainable over a long period of time? Or is it better to just do a week of it and then return to your normal eating habits? A Sirtfood diet review.sirtfood diet review

The Sirtfood Diet is all about re-discovering the true meaning of the word ‘diet’. Not some trendy means to lose weight at any cost, but a sustainable way of eating that reaps lifelong benefits. It’s about incorporating the best foods nature has to offer into a way of eating that fits into daily life, works for the whole family, and keeps the body in perfect balance long after the initial hyper-success phase of the diet.

We know that the only successful diets in the long run are diets of inclusion, not exclusion. With that principle in mind, one of the things we love is the idea of ‘sirtifying’ your meals. That means taking some of our most cherished dishes and giving them a Sirtfood twist. Chicken curry, chilli-con-carne, pizza and pancakes are all possible, retaining all their great taste, but with heaps more goodness thanks to some simple swaps and Sirtfood inclusions.

How is the Sirtfood Diet different to other diets? A Sirtfood diet review.
It is common for participants to actually gain muscle, leading to a more defined and toned look. That’s the beauty of Sirtfoods; they activate fat burning but also promote muscle growth, maintenance and repair. This is in complete contrast to other diets where weight loss typically comes from both fat and muscle, with the loss of muscle slowing down metabolism and making regaining weight more likely.

Unlike conventional diets, participants rarely felt hungry and don’t suffer energy lulls.  Usually they are brimming with energy.

But what really marks out the Sirtfood Diet as special is that it’s all about what you put onto your plate, not what you take off. It’s about eating the foods you love not cutting foods out or demonising whole food groups. Forget calorie counting, forget low carb, forget low fat, and forget strange food restrictions. Dark chocolate, curry, and coffee are all very much on the menu, along with a host of other genuinely tasty foods. It’s a highly effective way of eating for people who enjoy their food.

What Is The Sirtfood Diet?


 sirtfood diet Can you munch on chocolate and imbibe in red wine and be healthy? If you have no idea, then read on. In the last year, an exotic diet has been introduced to the world- The Sirtfood diet.

The word “Sirtfood” sounds like some food that one would get on a space craft but actually Sirtfood is high in protein called sirtuin. Sirtuins are a class of protein molecules that posses certain specific enzyme activity which  regulate the biological and metabolic pathways in bacteria. Research shows that sirtuins may be involved in a number of bodily functions ranging from aging, inflammation, stress resistance, alertness and control of the circadian clock. It is believed that by increasing the activity of sirtuin, one may be able to prevent or slow down cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, gout and many other medical disorders.

One of the most well known foods to contain sirtuin is resveratrol, a substance found in red wine that has been shown to prevent premature aging and increase lifespan in animals. Other work in the laboratory has shown that sirtuin proteins can protect the tissues from inflammation and help recover faster from an illness.

So should people start to eat a Sirtfood diet?

Two foods that are known to posses high concentration of sirtuin are dark chocolate and red wine. So should you start eating consuming these two foods in high quantities? Not so fast. Too much chocolate can add calories and too much wine can damage your liver and brain. In order to get the benefits of sirtuin one has to eat other foods that also contain sirtuin. These include citrus fruits, capers, kale, blueberries, red onion, olive oil, green tea, soy, turmeric, and strawberries. One common social beverage known to have high amounts of sirtuin is coffee. Researchers note that in countries where people consume a high quantity of foods that contain sirtuin such as Italy and Japan, the population is often ranked as the healthiest on the planet.

So is anyone already on the Sirtfood diet?

Clearly from the media, it is evident that many celebrities are into the Sirtfood diet.  The Sirtfood diet has caught on very quickly. There is a best-selling  book on the Sirtfood diet loaded with all the meal plans that include  drinking three Sirtfood green juices accompanied by Sirtfood rich meals. There are also blogs on sirtuin and how the foods should be consumed and when. Already people are professing that they no longer have cancer, arthritis or diabetes.

Unlike most other diets which are geared towards weight loss, the Sirtfood diet is more simple- you eat these foods to keep you healthy. And if you exercise at the same time, you can also lose weight. Most important, unlike most other diet plans there are no expensive foods to buy- you can get them all at the local grocery store.