News Flash!

The sirtfood diet has been a huge hit of early 2016. The newest sirtfood book has headed up bestseller lists – it’s spent everyday in the most popular books on Amazon since the paperback was available. According to a few sources, supermarkets have seen shelves cleared of top sirtfoods. It has all the ingredients of  the newest super-fad: celebrity endorsements, eager social media engagement, an easy-to-read book. Does it hold up to scrutiny?

In a recent study 40 people undertook a sirtfood diet plan over seven days – for the first three days, the participants ate one sirtfood-rich meal a day alongside three green juices, totalling 1,000 calories a day; for the last four days, they were allowed an extra 500 calories by replacing a juice with a meal, bringing them up to 1,500 calories.

The results of this study were remarkable. All but one participant carried out the trial until the end and the remaining 39 lost an average of 7lbs (3.2kg).